Havana #2 Cameroon

Havana #2 Cameroon

  • $25.00

This exotic cigar has that mix of cedar and earthy aroma on the wrapper. It gives you that licorice, creamy finish with a burst of espresso.

Class — Cameroon;
Ring — 54;
Length — 6";

Filler — Nicaraguan Jalapa Ligero Esteli;
Binder — Nicaraguan;
Wrapper — Cameroon;

Flavor — Medium;

Before you light this amazing cigar take a second and savor the aroma from the wrapper. After lighting it you will draw a dense thick smoke that immediately tastes of a sweet nutty flavor with a hint of caramel as it sweeps across your pallet. This African Cameroon wrapper is unique and difficult to source but worth the effort to create this one of a kind unique experience. The cigar burns even and has a solid ash. As the cigar burns down the stick you will experience some wood flavors start to evolve to add to the overall experience. This is a great after dinner cigar and you should pair this with your favorite latte or a Cuban coffee to compliment the experience. This cigar is very limited due to the unrest in Cameroon and is in limited production only once a year, get them while you can!

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