Gran Havana

The legend of Gran Havana, San Diego, began over twenty years ago with the same craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and passion you see at Gran Havana’s premier cigar factory today.

Way back in 1994, Ahmad Mesdaq opened a premium coffee shop downtown on Fifth Avenue. He brought with him over thirty years of experience at Montecristo and a lifetime of experience in Cuba. He talked and loved his customers. One day a customer came in seeking a cafecito. He learned how to make coffee for this customer and also began talking with him about other things, such as cigars. Soon the shop transformed into a cigar factory. As people rapidly fell in love with Gran Havana cigars, the factory grew to have, at one point, 15 cigar rollers. It was difficult at times to meet demand. Yet, we did not want to let customers down.

Quickly, we outgrew this shop, and moved to a new property. Alas it fell victim to eminent domain, undeterred our owner Mesdaq sought to open a new and grander Gran Havana. More determined than ever, he traveled through Europe, Asia and the Middle East for inspiration so he could craft the most exquisite environment for visitors. He loved his shop and wanted to make it the best it could be. Joined in this endeavor by Master Blender Mr. Manolo Montijo, a new shop was opened.

From the street, the Bohemian style of arches transports you to Cuba, where Mr. Manolo Montijo hails from. He wanted to bring this experience to clients in San Diego. Respecting tradition, the 108-year-old historic building we call home was a beloved gathering spot for cigar makers. Today the decor and design by Bluemotif Architecture beckons you through the doors and entices you to return again and again to our home.

In this factory, we are keeping the hundred plus year tradition of cigar making in San Diego. Every since the nineteenth century, when A. Sensenbrenner came to town and became the top maker of quality cigars in California, San Diego has been known for its cigars. We want that tradition to continue forever. And you don't have to be in San Diego to enjoy Gran Havana cigars. You can order them online anytime from anywhere.

Yet, we also invite you to our store because you are special to us. At our store you can watch, as experts roll the finest cigars just for you. Every cigar is a luxurious indulgence designed to tantalize your taste buds by our Master Blenders, such as Mr. Luise Martinez from Tamboril, DR.

Plus there are more decadent options here too, such as organic coffees from Ethiopia, a large selection of fragrant teas, fresh to order crepes, plus organic gelato and pastries. If you prefer to smoke hookah, you can choose from dozens of world-class flavors. We aim to please and would love to get to know you.

Come share our passion and keep the tradition of cigar making alive in America. Enjoy the finest cigar lounge in the Gaslamp, Gran Havana!