Double Corona Natural

Double Corona Natural

  • $29.50

Also called “Prominente”, Double Corona have the highest grade Connecticut shade wrapper, which makes it stand out as a complex and flavorful smoke on the milder side with bountiful taste notes and an easy draw. Smooth, cool burning smoke that is not overwhelming. The perfect all around cigar.

Class — Natural;
Ring — 52;
Length — 7.75";

Filler — Nicaraguan;
Binder — Nicaraguan;
Wrapper — Connecticut;

Flavor — Mild;

Also known as the “Prominente”, the Double Corona is wrapped in a high quality Ecuador wrapper and aged for a minimum of 18 months in our cedar vault. The Double Corona natural is best known for its vivid, sharp fragrance, which brings out the mild richness of the tobaccos flavorful notes of macadamia nut and coffee. This is the perfect all-around cigar the beginner and aficionado alike. This cigar pairs well most any tea or coffee.

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