Lonsdale Natural

Lonsdale Natural

  • $12.50

Easy draw and combustion. Smooth smoke, a cigar that can be enjoyed after a soft meal or even when you have just previously smoked another one.

Class — Natural;
Ring — 44;
Length — 6.75";

Filler — Nicaraguan;
Binder — Nicaraguan;
Wrapper — Connecticut;

Flavor — Mild;

After generations of dedication to crafting premium cigars, the Lonsdale Natural has come to fruition. This cigar is a fitting tribute to many lifetimes of research in making beautiful and smooth cigars. Its silky smooth golden toned natural wrapper surrounds a delicate blend of tobaccos. The result is an exceptionally smooth smoke that can be enjoyed with the finest of meals. It will spoil your refined palate for almost anything other than the most premium of cigars.

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