Torpedo Natural

Torpedo Natural

  • $18.00

A world class cigar. Torpedo has got character beyond belief, being stocky, dark and pointed. Powerful from the start, Torpedo tantalizes the palate with rich wood and spice flavors. Medium and oily wrap with a smoke that opens to show an earthy taste. Slow burn, leafy and complex without any wood overtones with a nice even white ash that is full with satisfaction.

Class — Natural;
Ring — 54;
Length — 6";

Filler — Nicaraguan;
Binder — Nicaraguan;
Wrapper — Connecticut;

Flavor — Medium;

This premium hand rolled cigar is a full body cigar that has been aged for minimum of 18 months tucked away in a cedar-nap, to be optimally fermented. Utilizing the highest grade tobaccos from various regions of Nicaragua for the long-filler and binder creating a very exciting blend to experience. The cigar is presented with a flawless Connecticut wrapper, that creates the mellow smoothness you expect.The flavor profile starts with a smoky wood and coffee, with nut undertones on the uptake that moves to a very smooth and clean finish on the palette. We suggest that you cut the cigar with an angle cut allowing the cigar to lay on the tongue comfortably, this also increase the surface area of the cut making the draw more easy and enjoyable. The smoke is dense and has a solid ash, with even burn that showcases the craftsmanship of the challenging construction of the torpedo cigar. Pare with a cafe americano for a great experience.

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